Great project we´ve been working on more than a year with game  development studio called Fishcow (Košice, Slovakia) They had  a vision to create old-school PC game with hand-drawn graphics and special animations that will emphasize the original genre.
Moonfall is a hand-painted side-scrolling 2D action RPG beat'em up set in an industrial gothic universe named Terra Nihil.
 It tells a story of the small Empire at the peak of its glory attained by a mysterious element called Lunarium which suddenly experiences a surge in attacks from so-called Savages, aboriginal tribes living outside its borders.
- Beautifully hand-painted 2D graphics full of details
- 3 classes with unique active and passive abilities
- Action-packed combat system using different skills to provide a diverse choice of dealing with battle clashes
- 13 open-ended and fully explorable levels with elements of the metroidvania genre, variable content of quests and boss fights
- Over 80 unique items consisting of swords, axes, daggers, armors, helmets, boots, rings and so on with their own attributes
- Over 60 enemies divided into two categories - common and elite
- The atmosphere is supplemented with orchestral soundtrack full of melancholic melodies with ambient mood. Achievements and trading cards  are available collectors
We have created more than 600 character animations for this PC game
You will find wide range of animated characters such as
orcs with goblins and many more  
We have used real  motions record as our reference to animate more difficult sections for most of our animations.

Just because we know that everybody loves backstage info and photos, here they are.
Our current studio is not large enough for all fights, downfalls, backfalls, crashes and so on. We have filmed most of them outdoor.
Undoubtly the real animation helped to improve the overall standard and quality of the game as a whole to a new level.
Watch the trailer:  
Find more info about the game development studio Fishcow -
If you are curious and want to buy and play the game, we will be pleased. Everything you need to know about the game is here
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